Monday, February 03, 2014

Wicked Witch Wozniacki or bad Rory Round: you decide

Caroline Wozniacki is apparently one very powerful woman, judging from this blog article in .

The title of the site, Golfmagic gives a hint as to what this is all about.


Charlie Lemay thinks Witch Wozniacki has the amazing magical ability of being able to spell her fiancée Rory McIlroy into a leading position over three days of golf, and then, for some nefarious reason of her own, to cast him into abject failure on the fourth. 

So, what happened to suddenly turn Good Witch Caroline into Wicked Witch Wozniacki?  

"McIlroy was simply being taken out of his zone," writes Charlie Lemay. "On a number of occasions the TV cameras showed the pair having a chinwag."

Funny how Lemay didn’t notice that this happened in every single round – even the good ones.  

So, we are supposed to believe that Caroline kept Rory in his zone for three rounds, then decided enough was enough, and took him out of it.  Presumably just because she could, as Lemay never gives us any credible reason for Wozniacki’s strange behaviour.

He goes on: "Wozniacki was standing by Rory's side on the tee box, as the Northern Irishman munched away on an energy bar. Okay maybe that gave him a confidence booster to know he had his supporter and wife-to-be there alongside him, maybe giving him the gee-up for a big finish, but this is a former World No.1 we're talking about.
You could kind of see in Rory's eye that he'd rather she was standing behind the ropes some 330 yards away."

Rory was desperately trying to break the spell. Lemay can see it because he's writing for Golfmagic, and he knows magic when he sees it. 

"When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth," Sherlock Holmes said.
 Lemay apparently thinks it highly improbable that Rory McIlroy had a bad round of golf after one excellent one and two good ones.
 But Sherlock is right once again. The improbable is the truth. 
And the author of the piece is indulging in the time-dishonoured misogynistic practice of attributingsupernatural abilities to strong, independent women.
Strangely enough, I have never once read of Rory McIlroy being accused of taking Caroline Wozniacki "out of her zone" when she was eliminated in an early round of a Slam while he sat in her box. Not once.
But then Rory’s not a woman, and so he doesn't have mysterious and potentially evil supernatural abilities - just first-class golfing skills that occasionally fail.
It would be nice if Caroline’s first-class tennis abilities were given the same respect.
With thanks to Jewell for her invaluable comments and suggestions.

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